Known Issues

  • Teradyne Team:  Inserting people through the application and having the graphic reports reflect the addition.  Fixed:  Incorrect query mapping to wrong Business Object.  Corrected query – problem solved.
  • NASA-MSFC Team:  The following message displays twice after logging into CAD Integrator: ‘Facilities Management – Default may not be deleted’.  In FC7x, we could recreate it under Tools/Application Manager and the message would disappear.  In the T10 version, that doesn’t work. 
    • Answer:  There is a default setting Donna needs to reset.  TERADYNE is not experiencing this issue.  Ryan to get Donna the wiki to help her resolve this issue.
  • NASA-MSFC Team:  We use People and Space labels in our CAD files with multiple lines for each.  Whenever we Sync the drawing, the spacing between the lines in each label increases.  We then have to manually open Element/Textstyles, highlight the two label textstyles, toggle the Line Spacing Type from Automatic to Exact or vice versa, then Save the record.  This sets the line spacing back to its original format.  In T9, we placed the keyin ‘dgnlib update textstyles’ on a function key.  The keyin ‘textstyle dgnlibupdate’ also worked at one time, but neither work in T10 although they do work in straight MicroStation.  In FC7x, there was a line spacing option on the label command that worked perfectly.  Filed original ticket for this problem with TRIRIGA October 2008 (#28039).
  • NASA-MSFC Team:  It would be nice to open a drawing without having to turn Fill off every time.  It would also be nice to Sync the drawings in batch mode outside CAD Integrator. 
    • This issue is stemming from the ANSI pattern being set to too large of a scale (50).  Donna tried to reset the scale to a smaller size, but it wouldn't save.  Ryan thought that was a potential issue.  The work-around is to open the cims_fills.xml file and file the line of code identifying the scale to the particular pattern and change the scale there.
  • Gary Bonnell, AIA:  I have another item I am curious about. It is about lease space. Do the rest of you track in CI your lease space and if so how do you identify the gross area? Many of our leases are portions of a building or floor so there is typically common area rent charges added to the rent to determine the Rentable Area on the lease. In many cases we don’t even get the entire building or floor from the landlord, just our leased space so we can’t determine from the plan what these common charges are. In my opinion, I think Tririga should ask the question if the building is a leased building somewhere in the attach location setup. Then, after you have attached the floor, and are asked to attach the gross it is greyed out and moves directly to the gross measured area. It can pull the rentable gross from the lease contract. I wish I could be there to talk about this but let me know what you guys think.
  • David Henry:  I would like to add a (Lost Feature) from FC7x that we used in almost every color fill query. That was the ability to color by one attribute and hatch over the colors by another. That was an extremely powerful tool.
  • Nasrin Bahramian:  I was working with John on the labels for space allocation on the graphics. We created a report to filter the history and applied it to the label style. However, it did not solve the issue. I worked on this issue yesterday and tried a different route but it was not a success. Chau and I looked at the CAD files and we saw the same issue on the drawing for space allocation. In my opinion this is a bug and I tried to open an IBM ticket. I tried different scenario, and it seems like it is pulling the space allocation charge and space occupancy charge, not the history. Pending….
  • Lisa Eshelman:  Publishing Errors – with cells and PDFs + Java Heap Errors
  • Xavier Sanchez:  it is a known issue that child spaces cannot be uploaded with CI-12 and MicroStation (PMR 70179,227,000). Do you have any insight on when we can expect a fix on this? We have put a hold on upgrading to 10.3/330 because we cannot survive without CAD Integrator working correctly.
    • Answer from Ryan K:  Thank you for the note. This is true in a sense, but perhaps the specifics of the issue weren't fully communicated. The search for upload candidates has an issue finding child spaces in MicroStation, however if the spaces exist already in that parent-space structure on the server, CI will still attach to them and handle the levels properly. This issue has already been resolved for our next release, which is scheduled for Q2 this year (so it should be released shortly). I would recommend taking that release, as it has a lot of other enhancements, defect fixes and performance improvements; the versions are (tentatively) 3.3.1 platform, and 12.0.1 CI.
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